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Although surgical techniques used to implant radio- telemetry devices in rats are not novel of studies have assessed the time needed for recovery following diferent implant techniques, no such study is available for hypertensive rats, which are prone to pre- sent increased morbidity and mortality rates fol lowing invasive techniques and general anesthesia. Unlike external ECG monito- ring, where animals are restrained by ECG leads that li mit their mobility, these devices allow free motion of Abstract: Objective Surgical implantation of radiotelemetry devices is not novel, but its impact on spontaneously hyperten- sive rats SHR has not been previously assessed.

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Tis study aimed to evaluate the time necessary for recovery afer radiotele- metry device implantation and the quality of ECG signal in various conditions. Morbidity and mortality rates pierdere în greutate sody daisy tennessee recorded and the time needed for recovery afer implant procedure was assessed based on body weight evolution.

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Te quality of ECG signal was assessed during baseline conditions and various experimental protocols. Results None of the animals died during or shortly afer implant procedu- re. Within one week all rats regained their initial body weights. All ECG elements were easily recognizable in both baseline conditions and during various experimental protocols.

No signifcant local changes were presented at the moment of device explantation. Conclusion In our experience, surgery procedures for implanting radiotelemetry ECG devices in SHRs appear to be safe techniques, with short interval of recovery, low morbidity rates and no mortality, regardless the age of animals.

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Sub- cutaneous implantation of such devices ofers high-quality ECG signal and is very well tolerated, even if long-term keeping in place is needed. Keywords: radiotelemetry, implant procedure, signal quality, spontaneously hypertensive rat Rezumat: Obiectiv Implantarea chirurgical a dispozitivelor de radiotelemetrie nu este o tehnic nou, dar impactul ei asupra obolanilor spontan hipertensivi SHR nu a fost nc evaluat.

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Scopul acestui studiu a fost de a evalua timpul necesar pentru recuperare dup implantarea dispozitivelor de telemetrie i calitatea semnalului ECG n diverse condiii.

Metoda Dispozitivele de telemetrie au fost implantate la 8 SHR tineri i 8 btrni.

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Morbiditatea i mortalitatea au fost nregistrate i timpul necesar pentru recuperare a fost evaluat pe baza evoluiei greutii corporale. Calitatea semnalului ECG a fost evaluat n condiii bazale i n cursul unor protocoale experimentale. Rezultate Niciun animal nu a murit n timpul sau imediat post-procedural.

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Toate elementele ECG au putut f uor recunoscute n condiii bazale, dar i n timpul protocoalelor experimentale. La explantare nu au existat modif- cri locale semnifcative.

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Concluzii Procedurile chirurgicale de implant a dispozitivelor de radiotelemetrie la SHR par a f tehnici sigure, cu interval scurt de recuperare, rate sczute de morbiditate i mortalitate, indiferent de vrsta animalelor. Im- plantarea subcutanat a acestor dispozitive ofer un semnal ECG de nalt calitate i este bine tolerat, chiar dup un interval de timp ndelungat.

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Cuvinte cheie: radiotelemetrie, procedura de implant, calitatea semnalului, obolan spontan hipertensiv Romanian Journal of Cardiology Vol. Implant procedure of radiotelemetry devices in rats Te two ECG leads bare ends terminating with a small silastic drop to avoid tissue damage were subcutaneo- usly tunnelized in a lead II confguration.

Te negative electrode was placed under the right clavicle, and the positive in a latero-basal thoracic position, as illustra- ted in Figure 1. Te quality of the signal and correct morphology of ECG elements were evaluated within the procedure.

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When the quality of the captured ECG signal was sa- tisfactory the distal ends of the leads were secured to the underlying tissue to avoid slipping and the skin la- yer was sutured. Afer the procedure, the rats were allowed to recover under a warm light lamp and they were monitored un- til they regained their toe-pinch refex, approximately min afer the end of the apa cu lamaie pt slabit, when they were placed in their cages.

All incidents that occurred during the procedure or shortly afer were recorded.

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Immediately afer the implant procedure the animals were housed individually in polycarbonate pierdere în greutate sody daisy tennessee. Tey were weighted daily for at least one week afer implan- tation or until body weight has returned to the initial value, measured before the implantation procedure.

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A single standard electronic scale was used for all weigh- tings throughout the study. Te body weight lost beca- use of the surgical procedure and the interval needed for regaining the lost weight were recorded for all ani- mals. Next, weight loss was compared between the two groups, as well as the time needed for regaining the lost weight.

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Tis study aims to evaluate morbidity and mortality rates associated with implant procedures of radiotele- metry ECG monitoring devices, and the time needed for recovery afer radiotelemetry devices surgical im- plantation in spontaneously hypertensive rats SHR. Radiotelemetry devices only allow analysis in a sin- gle ECG lead, which might limit the recognition of ECG elements and complex diagnostics, such as heart rhythm disturbances, mainly during intense animal somatomotor activity.

Tus, we also thought to assess the quality of the ECG signal obtained during baseline conditions and during various experimental protocols and the ability to recognize diferent electrocardiogra- phic features.

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