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Turism Do it like pierde mese de grăsime corporală star — David Beckham I remember reading in a newspaper once, that he played an entire football game with a cracked heel, just to bring victory to his country.

I imagine what a strong personality and inner force one should have to do something like that, for that he has my respect! Therefore, I am not writing about him based on his professional achievements.

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Let me introduce our celebrity of the week, David Beckham. An extraordinary, extremely talented man. Women from all over the world love him for physical appearance, while men envy him for his life and profession. Giorgio Armani chose him for the same reason a few years ago. Besides all David is a dad.

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I think here David deserves to be admired, as a good dad is an example to follow in everything. Honestly speaking, I used not to think of David as of a fashion icon.

After reviewed his wardrobe, I understood that style is effortlessly chic, which is what I like the most.

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Classic slim-suit. I was telling you earlier about its benefits. In such moments, rather than to look like a stain with no silhouette, you can look very stylish and attractive.

A well tailored suit to women is like lace lingerie to men!! Two buttoned casual blazer.

Blugi slouchy high waist

For casual looks, a blazer like this is necessary for any man older than It can be combined with classic pants of dark shades black or blue and a pair mens slimming undershirt lângă mine brown shoes. On a two buttoned blazer the top button has to be closed all the time. Voluminous scarf. These scarves are my weakness. Besides the fact that they keep you warmthey also help you give a cool twist to a simple look.

Plus there are many ways of wrapping a scarf, each time making it look different. Here is how David wears them: 4. I have noticed that this accessory is extremely popular amongst the British. Nevertheless, David manages to look incredible while wearing it. Oversized beanie. Generally speaking, I think David is one of the reasons this accessory has become so popular. Nearly every look of his is finished with a cap like that. Leather bomber jacket.

This type of jackets is very practical. With its help you can create both casual and evening looks. The secret here is to choose the right cutting. There are some sport styled ones, which can not be worn with elegant trousers or shirts.

Large fitted jeans of different shades. Yes, these pants are THE trend! And since we already know that the color is also mens slimming undershirt lângă mine popular this season, you should definitely get a pair!

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But I advise you not to choose the bright colored ones, better buy chinos in khaki or light beige. They can be easily worn with other pieces and almost every type of shoes.

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Checked shirt. Rings a bell??

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Well, no doubt, as such shirts used to be worn only by woodcutters in Michigan. They were sewn out of flannel and guys used put them on just to keep warm… Oh and washing them was not a big problem. Today, thanks to such personalities as Beckhamyou can find this piece in the closet of every stylish man.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to wear them right. Here are some suggestions for you: 1.

They should never be worn buttoned up. Always wear this kind of shirts opened till the middle of the chest, with a white t-shirt underneath, and the sleeves rolled up. Team them up with a pair of white tennis shoes, bright blue jeans and some bracelets.

And here you go- a stylish mens slimming undershirt lângă mine Jeans shirt. Always a denim shirt with a white tee underneath. Sweat hoodie. In other situations, do not! A must have!

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Long, short, double-brested, with a zipperwith buttons, lightweight, coarse-knitted. Dark colored or bright colored. Metal chain. Honestly, I have no idea why he wears it, and that is the only disgusting feature of his style!! Coat down-to-knee length. Style, self confidence, wealth.

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A man who wears a well-tailored coat will always get the eyes of all the women passing by his luxurious car parked nearby. Lightweight wool sweaters. Will always give your outfit a comfort and orderly look.

And remember, my dears — We are limited only by our thoughts!