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The first one is an algue widespread in the Paratethys realm in Early-Middle Sarmatian, the second a Pinus representative, now firstly reported in the Transylvanian Hard rhino fat burner. For over a century, it yielded raw materials for a nearby brick factory.

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In the last decade, the open pit closed due to economic reasons. In this open pit, once one could observe grey marl and clay beds developed on several meters.

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A two hard rhino fat burner thick bed of rio-dacite tuffs, as well as other thinner ones, occurred as interbeddings inside this succession Mészáros et al. Way back, for these marls several geological ages had been suggested, more often the Badenian Middle Miocene; for details, see Mészáros et al.

However, more recent studies carried on nannoplankton NN8, Catinaster coalitus Zone and pollen Mészáros et al. Volhynian-Early Bessarabian.

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The Iris open pit became the type section of a distinct lithostratigraphic unit Iris Formationoutlined by Filipescu In spite of the long mining works carried on in the open pit, which are running far in time probably until the end of the 19 th century, the fossil plants that occurred in these rocks had never been systematically collected. This kind of fossils were only fortuitously found either by flying visitor students or first, by the workers.

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One can mention the following plants found there: Laurus princeps collected by Prof. Maxim Givulescu,Cunninghamia sp. It exposes a main axe wherefore irregularly diverge several branches, more or less thick, various in lengths. Even if it is not identical with the already described similar fossils mentioned in various references, one can affirm, however - taking account too to the variability of the actual algues - that this fossil can be related to the widespread Sarmatian C.

This algae is a fossil marker for the Early-Middle Sarmatian, as Givulescua already mentioned. In these circumstances, its presence inside the Iris open pit rocks is according well with the geological age of these deposits.

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In this case, the algae fragment was brocken from its originary littoral substratum, then drifted inside the sedimentary basin. In Europe, this algue was mentioned in similar Sarmatian deposits from Hungary till Caucasus. It is satisfactory preserved, but with blunted margins. However, one can still observe the pentagon-outlined apophysis, disposed in very regular spiral.

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These apophysis are pyramidshaped, exposing an upper concave area and a convex lower one. Because of the poor preservation one cannot observe, but only presume the cone thorn, the most specific character, which gave the species name.

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Due to these features, the cone can be assigned to P. We are keeping on "cf. Type of pine widespread in the Mio-Pliocene of Europe, but also in Siberia Dorofeev,described since long time ago under a lot of specific other names.

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May gives a list of these names as well as details on the species extension in Europe. Therefore, it would be the first report from the Basin of Transylvania.

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Both are characteristic for Middle Miocene, in the Central Paratehys realm. Sad to say, in the next future no other such fossils will be discovered in the former hard rhino fat burner pit area, because the Sarmatian deposits once exposed there are now embanked and covered by soil.

In this manner, the type section of Iris Formation practically disappeared.

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Authors are thankful to the late Professor Răzvan Givulescu, for his valuable comments and enlightening suggestions concerning this topic. He was the most outstanding student which ever worked in paleobotany in Transylvania.

Октопаук мог поймать сразу два мяча и отбросить их в разные стороны. Арчи даже умел жонглировать шестью разноцветными мячами одновременно. Он использовал для этого четыре щупальца, поскольку, чтобы поддержать равновесие, ему было достаточно остальных четырех.

Tertiarpflanzen von Szakadat und Thalheim in Siebenburgen. Abhandlungen der kaiserlich königliche Geologischen Reichsanstalt, 2, 3:Wien.

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Filala Cluj, Studii şi crecetări de geologie-geografie, 8, 3- 4:Cluj. Repertoriul critic al familiilor genurilor şi speciilor, Contribuţii Botanice:Cluj-Napoca. MAI H. Feddes Repertorium,Berlin.

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Mârza :Cluj- Napoca. From geological and structural viewpoints, it belongs to the southern region of the Valachian Platform, in contact with the Carpathian orogen.

In addition the natural outcrops, the area had been sampled by shallow and deep drillings as the ones in Gârla Mare, Oprişor hard rhino fat burner Cetate, which finally reached the early Silurian.

Iordan et al. In Cujmir, the Pontian red clay contains: Dreissena rostriformis, D. The Pleistocene concerns not only the piedmont pile of sediments but also the Danube terraces. The Early Pleistocene is exposed within the whole region, being proved in several boreholes drilled for water.

Within the butte of erosion of the 12 old terrace between Batoţi and Crivina, they appeared in the Crivina borehole, including terrace gravels - between The deposits of the old terraces are composed by gravel and red sand. These deposits hard rhino fat burner be observed also in the Pătulele open pit. The fossil molluscs and vertebrates had been collected from: - red-limonitic clay in Obârşia de Câmp Early Pontian, i.

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The fossils were collected during several field missions carried on in Mehedinti - Bregovo, Vrf, Novo Selo area, in and For each taxon I give: scientific name, main references, description, geologic age, and locality.